NMRiumis a versatile software platform designed to streamline the analysis of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy data. It supports multiple file formats, including JCAMP-DX, Bruker folder, and 1D spectra of JEOL and Varian. The software boasts a user-friendly interface that allows users to effortlessly load and process NMR spectra directly from the browser. You can try it out by yourself athttps://www.nmrium.org/.

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Enhanced research efficiency
NMRium facilitates efficient research by allowing users to compare spectra with just two clicks.
Improved quality control (QC) efficiency
With NMRium, you can compare and integrate up to 50 spectra at once. It also provides an internal reference database, enabling comprehensive QC analysis.
No hidden software management costs!
NMRium operates seamlessly in any modern web browser, eliminating the need for costly software auditing, installation and license management. To get the latest version, simply reload the page!
Confidentiality and security
By installing NMRium on-premise, your company is ensured that all information remains confidential and secure, without any data leaving the company.
Simple licensing
NMRium offers a straightforward licensing scheme. After discussing your specific needs, a license price is defined, covering unlimited access from all computers within your company, along with comprehensive support and updates.
In line with our philosophy, we believe that for scientific information to remain globally accessible, we’re offering a basic version of NMRium at affordable prices for R&D departments of start-ups and small enterprises, as well as academic laboratories. For larger entities, our Enterprise Solution, comprising additional modules and enhanced security, offers higher degree of integration in company infrastructure as well as more in depth support (with possibility of new feature development).


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    • Number of users
    • Private URL / Custom domain
    • No data leaves the browser
    • Save / reload data locally
    • Support by Email
    • On premise installation
    • Webinar to explain functionalities and answer questions
    • Integration with Zakodium ELN
    • Integration with company ELN
    • Support by zoom

Small Team

1045 EUR/year

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    • Number of users
    • Private URL / Custom domain
    • No data leaves the browser
    • Save / reload data locally
    • Support by Email
On-premise installation

Data safety is of the utmost importance to your organization? Get full control by getting a license to install NMRium.org on your own server.