A long-term vision for data management

In science, data is likely the most valuable property of an organization. In this context, Zakodium is deeply focused on consistent, perennial, and automated storage of data, with an accessibility and reusability that will empower scientists to  convert that data into knowledge.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to store globally accessible information, for any kind of data in a perennial , and exploitable way.

Globally accessible
scientific software typically requires expensive licenses that need to be installed and maintained on individual computers. To empower users, our software is licensed to all members of an organization, and only needs a common web browser.
Any kind of data
the requirements to store analytical results are evolving very quickly. Therefore our system is extremely flexible so that it can quickly be adapted.
we make sure not to use proprietary formats, but widespread open formats instead, so that the data is still exploitable 20 years from now.
we strive to make every stored piece of data searchable, interoperable, and accessible via APIs so that it can be exploited. This will lay the ground for using AI in the future, with or without Zakodium
Our Partners

“NMRium stands as the most efficient tool for data inspection across every stage of our analytical pipeline.”

Professor Julien Wist
Professor Julien Wist
Health Futures Institute @ Murdoch University

“I really like NMRium for processing 1D and 2D NMR. It is so much more convenient than any other NMR processing software that I have used.”

Baruch S
Senior Chemist @ Blumberg Institute

“Building upon extensive experience in analytical chemistry and strong software development skills, Zakodium was able to deliver outstanding UI/UX for the visualisation and interpretation of our GCMS data, improving our daily productivity.”

Guillaume Godin
Guillaume Godin
Scientific Director Artificial Intelligence @ DSM-Firmenich

“Our experience with Zakodium has been of the highest quality. Their team built our custom chemical compound repository from the ground up, demonstrating impressive flexibility, speed, and professionalism. Such a pleasure to work with a company with such strong focus on their customer’s needs.”

Aurelien Davranche
Aurelien Davranche
PhD, Senior Scientist @ AC Immune SA