The future of information management

The information is likely the more valuable property of a company. In this context Zakodium is focusing not only on the long term storage of the information but also to its accessibility and reusability. The final goal is not only to have a global overview of all the information but to convert this information to knowledge.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to store any kind of information correctly, reliably and in a perennial and reusable way. Functionalities are available directly from a web browser and we support the last long term release of Firefox as well as Google Chrome

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    Any kind of information

    the requirements to store analytical results are evolving very quickly. Therefore our system is extremely flexible so that it can quickly be adapted. For this reason we are using a 'nosql' database engine.

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    storing the information has to be thought for it's reusability. Reusing the data means to be able to search, process but also in the future to have services that can make data-mining.

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    Perennial way

    when storing the information we take care that the format is not proprietary and that we will still be able to retrieve this information in 20 years. i.e. a chemical structure will be stored as a molfile, a spectrum will be stored as a TSV (tab-delimited separated value), CSV (tab-delimited separated value), Jcamp-DX, netCDF.

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    Reusable way

    a REST API is available and allows to retrieve any information from third party software. The data like molfile, boiling point and simple physical values are stored in a structured JSON and can easily be parsed to make data mining.