Zakodium, get the future of information management today.



The information is likely the more valuable property of a company.

In this context Zakodium is focusing not only on the long term storage of the information but also to its accessibility and reusability.  The final goal is not only to have a global overview of all the information but to convert this information to knowledge.



Our philosophy is simple:

  1. store all the information in a database in a perennial and reusable format
  2. give access to the information directly from a web browser
    • no software install
    • automatic update (just reload the webpage)
    • cross-platform (windows, OsX, linux)
  3. provide an API allowing to retrieve and reprocess all the data
  4. develop most of the code under an open-source license that warrants the long term usage of the solutions


About us

 Michael Zasso


Daniel Kostro

After …

 Luc Patiny, PhD

Chief science officer

With a PhD in organic chemistry and a post-doc in structural analysis we are Interested in chemical information for over 20 years and is strongly involved in the development of open-source tools accessible directly from the web browser.
The modular approach that was designed allows to solve large diversity of problems like:
– cell image analysis
– wikipedia structure explorer (http://www.cheminfo.org/wikipedia)
– NMR spectra prediction (http://www.nmrdb.org)
– molecular formula (http://www.chemcalc.org)
– complex mass spectra analysis
– pdb explorer (http://www.cheminfo.org/pdbexplorer/)
– counterfeit analysis based on spectra or images

He is also teaching organic chemistry, structural analysis and cheminformatics and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and is the co-founder of ChemExper sprl