The SciPeaks Suite is a large collection of over a hundred scientific apps used to register, identify and analyse a large variety of scientific data, from chemical analyses to images. These apps have been developed in response to various industry pains, each feature carefully tailored to solve not only a niche problem, but a wider range of related issues. We use the latest technologies and methods developed in conjunction with leading universities across the world.

It goes beyond the traditional electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). It is a scientific multi-tool, with the ability to batch process raw data files with easy drag-and-drop options, perform statistical analysis on the scientific data, create dynamic, interactive graphs and generate customisable reports on what the data contains, and much more.

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Enhancing productivity through the provision of a single, centralised platform with all data and programs running from the browser.
Connect your instruments to our platform and all your experiments will be stored into a standard non-proprietary format so that the data can still be leveraged 20 years from now.
Go beyond the classical ELN by equipping end-users with sophisticated tools to extract new knowledge and solve real problems. Every feature in SciPeaks was added to address real user pains.
Every company works differently. We will customize SciPeaks to fit your needs and integrate it with your existing toolchain.
Find out about some real use cases
We would be delighted to arrange an online meeting to discuss how SciPeaks can meet your needs. You can test it directly online at

Custom development

We are experts in web technologies and thrive to use the whole realm of possibilities offered by the web to solve complex problems. For example, our substructure search engine of chemical molecules present in Wikipedia ( offers high performance substructure search within the browser.

As a team of software engineers with a solid and diverse scientific background, we can quickly understand and adapt to the challenges you are facing

If you have any problems or ideas and think we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be delighted to arrange a meeting to discuss them.